Our Story

“Lalah’s will always offer the finest blend of spices for every market and every customer, by using the latest technology in food science blended with the best quality management practices. With our extensive knowledge bank, Lalah’s is well-equipped to offer the most exotic and innovative products, created in easy-cook formats for the convenience of our customers across millions of households worldwide.”

The Legacy

Our legacy is a long one, full of stories and flavour. It all began when a young man, Punjab Mittulaul Lalah, ventured into the spice trade at a time when Punjab stretched far into spice-rich Pakistan and Baluchistan. He was soon joined by his son, and taking cue from the Rajahs of the time, they expanded their spice kingdom.

Four generations later, Lalah’s Masala has a thriving international trade as one of India’s largest spice exporters, with a 45% share of the market. Multiple chains across the world, including big players like Heinz, want their products to have the Lalah’s touch. The reason for our success? Like our founder, we turn every obstacle into an opportunity – to serve our customers and reinvent ourselves. Our ultimate goal? To be the first choice of discerning customers worldwide when it comes to authentic and easy-to-cook traditional recipes.

The Family

Jayashree, great-granddaughter of the founder, is our full-time director and custodian of the secret recipes, handed down for generations. She has inherited the Lalah expertise in ingredient sourcing, and when she married Rajkumar Manradiar from an 850 year old family of Palayakottai Pattagars, Lalah’s became a merger of two distinctly different cultures – North and South India. In the spice trade, this makes us quite unique! Mr. Rajkumar Manradiar, now the Chairman of the Group, with his strong agricultural background and keen sense of understanding of the spice trade, manages the enterprise and guides its fortunes in 37 countries around the world. Their daughter, Ms. Laavanya Manradiar, VP- Marketing, is an M.B.A. from the U.K. and heads New Product Development and Corporate Strategy.

This team is led by their determination to continue the path-breaking work initiated by our founders, leaving no stone unturned – for tomorrow is as exciting as yesterday!

The Factory

Our strong understanding of the spice market, combined with the expertise of the product engineers in Lalah’s experimental laboratory, lets us constantly innovate and develop new and exciting product ranges to suit distinct palettes worldwide.

Our plant, one of the most modern state-of-the-art Integrated Spice Manufacturing and Blending (ISMB) centres, boasts a specialized Heat Treatment Plant and a well-equipped in-house Quality Control Lab, manned by experts. With a capacity of 20000 metric tonnes per annum, it is located in the Tiruppur district of Tamil Nadu, India – in the heart of rural India, where all our raw materials are cultivated!

Every product that rolls out of our stable has the unmistakable stamp of quality that Lalahs has become synonymous with – and over the years, this has been recognised with multiple awards, certificates of merit and overall appreciation for our products.

Awards and Recognition

Lalah’s has participated in several national and international exhibitions, winning acclaim at its very first international exhibition – the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley in 1924, followed by others in the continent.

At home too, Lalah’s has had more than its share of recognition for its sterling export performance from The Spices Export Promotion Council, The Spices Board and The Government of India as one of Asia’s largest manufacturers of curry powder, spices and seasonings.

  • Winners of Certificate of Merit from Government of India for outstanding export performance in spices
  • Winners of Spices Export Promotion Council award for outstanding export performance in spices
  • Winners of Commerce Ministry’s award for outstanding export performance in spices
  • Winners of Spices Board awards for outstanding performance in Export of Curry Powder for more than 20 years
  • Winners of Spices Board awards for outstanding performance in Export of Turmeric Powder
  • Winner of Spices Board’s Certificate of Honors for outstanding export performance in spices

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